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We apologize for the inconvenience to those of you wishing to order Meadow Muffins for Christmas but we are swamped with orders and cannot possibly fill any more orders. We appreciate your support but unfortunately as a small business we can only schedule so many baking days. It is our wish that all the horses and their people have a wonderful Christmas! 

Peppermint and Cinnamon Meadow Muffins 
available this time of year!


Inspired by our love for horses.
Naturally delicious! Soft and chewy (low sugar) gourmet horse treats.
Made in the U.S.A. with organic ingredients!!! 
All our muffins are baked with organic Chia Seed. 
Highest plant source ratio 3:1 Omega 3 to 6 essential oils. 

Meadow Muffins are a chewy delicious treat made from wholesome human-grade organic ingredients. We offer our peppermint treats year round and one limited specialty treat each season of the year. Check the treat page for the limited specialty treat of the season. 

Each of our treats is lovingly baked and hand packed fresh to order. No fillers, artificial flavors or colors. The ingredients in our treats are carefully chosen to ensure a healthy delicious treat that horses find irresistible. Meadow Muffins can be used as a training aid or, just because you want to spoil your horse! 
Meadow Muffins are a freshly baked treat and not a commercially produced treat with high amounts of preservatives that last for years. Because often- times treats are left outside in tack boxes, we minimally preserve Meadow Muffins to help ensure freshness. 
(If you would like your treats preservative free, just include a note with your order)

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